Lay-up of LNG & LPG Tankers

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Tanker cold lay-up

With the current covid situation globally we have seen a major drop off of LNG & LPG demand globally. At MLS we have received a number of enquiries and solutions both in Asia & Europe to Lay-up LNG & LPG Tankers

Where do tankers not in service lay-up?

That’s a good question. There has been 2 traditional locations in Malaysia & Indonesia but the problem has been the proximity to a major trading hub and shipyard service for these larger vessels. At MLS we work with one location that also does LNG STS operations so is able to assist in cooling down of cargo assisting in re-entering service. As it is an operational port anchorage that also does lay-up so it has a 2 level port security. It meets all the approval requirements of being near major trading hubs as it is very close to Singapore & Kuala Lumpur.

Tankers laid up

Gas Tanker Maintenance When Not In Service

The 2 options are to keep the vessel hot stacked  or to go full cold lay-up. Gas carriers have been going cold stacked for the last 40 years and have a proven cost benefit in this state.

Warm Lay-up

If going into hot stack some form of maintenance routines need to change when a vessel is not in full operation. Some software providers now have the possibility to switch ‘modes’ for maintenance activities based upon service of the vessel. This allows suppression and/or change in maintenance requirements based upon the actual needs of the vessel. Some form of maintenance review should be conducted when a vessel changes from an active mode to determine validity of the maintenance activities. This may allow in a reduction in operational cost.

Cold Layup

When a vessel goes into cold layup all the maintenance activities stop and a new set of maintenance activities is setup to verify the condition of the vessel. This is based upon verifying whether the equipment is not seized, not showing signs of corrosion in dehumidified areas, and taking tank sounding and electrical megger readings on a regular basis.

LNG & LPG Tanker Minimum Layup Location Requirements

As for lay-up location the basis factors still need to be considered.

  • Approved by state or local authorities
  • Sheltered from open seas
  • With minimal tidal currents
  • A good holding ground for anchors
  • Outside of a typhoon/cyclone belt
  • Other factors to consider are
  • First of all close to major shipping routes?
  • Close to a major maritime hub for technical support?
  • Is it easy to access your vessel for inspections?
  • If I require a dry dock is there one close by?
  • Are there any security concerns?
  • Lastly how much will it cost?


At MLS we have a couple of locations in Asia, Europe, and the drier Middle East, with multiple berths that we use for lay-up of vessels both warm & cold stacked. They meet all the above points and offer the ability to reduce staff level below the minimum manning requirements. This would be based upon submission of a valid risk assessment to the authorities.


Contact us if you wish to know more how we can assist you navigate the options regarding Lay-up of LNG & LPG Tankers.