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Layup Services Indonesia

MLS offers a comprehensive layup services in Indonesia both in securing a wharf, layup preservation services and advanced corrosion control VCI services.

Layup Services in Batam

Updated April 2020

Batam has a lot of wharf space although some are in shallow water or tend to silt up easily. Dredging is rarely done. As such getting larger vessels into Batam can be difficult. Some of the larger yards will not take layup vessels due to current congestion but there are some mid size wharves with space for up to 10 metres plus still available. All the wharves in Batam are in the free trade zone (FTZ).

Layup Services Indonesia
West side of Batam shipyards

Costs for vessels to layup are about half of the price of Singapore, depending on the tonnage of the vessel. When considering a wharf in Indonesia tonnage as the major cost factor is port dues and once over 25,000 GRT an anchorage should be considered if cost is the main factor.

Layup Services Indonesia
Vessels laid up in Batam

Layup Services at Galang

The Galang/ Barelang anchorage has been used for layup from time to time and can accommodate larger vessels up to ULCC size. While port dues are now cheap they have in the past gone up without notice. This sudden increase drove many of the vessels at the time there to leave. For smaller vessels swell there can be an issue during Sumatra squalls as the swell can rise to over 2 metres. Supply boats have dragged anchors and rafted supply boats part mooring lines. Care should be taken when factoring this in when deciding where to drop the anchor there.

Layup Services Indonesia
Layup Galang anchorage

Layup Services in Karimun

Updated April 2020

Karimun is strategically located near the western region of Singapore where the shipyards and dry docks are located. It is at the end of the Singapore straight and at the turn off on to the Malacca Straight. As such Karimun layup is an ideal strategic location choice.

Layup Services Indonesia
Karimun deep water layup jetty

There are 4 yards ranging in service and price. One yard has deep water access for larger vessels and all the yards are in the free trade zone. Private barges operate to Singapore to allow goods & materials to be transported freely. Service vendors travel to the yard from Singapore, which is under 2 hours away by ferry.

Karimun Weather Conditions

Located on the Western Side of Karimun, the yards are sheltered and protected by all-weather events. This includes north east & southerly monsoon winds as well as Sumatra squalls. The currents found in front of the yards are less than 1 knot. There are 2 tugs manned 24 hours a day and the government tugs are penned only a few hundred metres away.

West Coast Karimun weather conditions
Karimun west coast yard weather conditions

Whether it is to clean the hull or a refit after layup the west Karimun yards are able to meet your layup requirements. Either refit in Karimun or tow your vessel to Singapore as we are able to support you with your endeavours. So close to Singapore we will be able to put you back into service within a short period of time.