Layup Services Malaysia

MLS offers a comprehensive service across Malaysia in securing a wharf, layup anchorage, layup preservation services and advanced corrosion control VCI services.



Layup Services Malaysia 
Malaysian Layup Anchorage

Layup Services Malaysia and the Slow Layup Migration West Towards Singapore

As Singapore and Malaysia have developed over the years, the preferred layup location has  shifted towards Singapore and the surrounding region. During the last down turn in the oil sector the vast majority of vessels were located in the Singapore region for layup. Since then a new layup anchorage near Port Dickson was approved and set up to allow more convenient transport to site.

Layup Services Malaysia at the Port Dickson Layup Anchorage


Layup Services Malaysia 
Port Dickson Layup anchorage

Near Port Dickson and 130 nautical miles from Singapore we use a private layup anchorage there. It is a cost effective solution and is only 75 kilometres to Kuala Lumpur International Airport. It has all the attributes to be the first choice for layup but with additional and more cost effective benefits than any other layup locations in the Asian region.

  • Low port dues makes it cost effective for very large vessels
  • Good anchor holding ground
  • Low currents
  • Outside of the typhoon belt
  • 30 metre water depth for large vessels
  • Less than one hour to the KLIA International airport
  • 10 tugs permanently in the anchorage
  • ISO 9001 approved
  • Day trip turn around (Labuan 3 days due to flight schedule)
  • Under 3 hours drive from Singapore
  • 5 Star hotels nearby

Currently there are a number of anchorage points available for large VLCC size tankers.

Layup Services and Wharves in Malaysia

There are a number of wharves that can be used and only two deep water ports where layup has been done before.  There are a few new offshore supply bases that do allow layup of small supply boats in the region.

In the past clients have faced one difficulty with using wharves. Ports generally will allow layup for a fixed period and because of work commitments force to move out. Usually no more than 6 months. If the vessels are cold stacked this requires a reactivation and move to a new port prior to shutting down the again. We have assisted a few clients who have been forced to move and we assisted them to go to other locations where they had longer term solutions.