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9 May 2020

Lay-up of LNG & LPG Tankers

With the current covid situation globally we have seen a major drop off of LNG & LPG demand globally. At MLS we have received a number of enquiries and solutions both in Asia & Europe to Lay-up LNG & LPG Tankers Where do tankers not in service lay-up? That’s a good question. There has been 2 traditional locations in Malaysia & Indonesia but the problem has been the proximity to a major trading hub and shipyard service for these larger vessels. At MLS we work with one location that also does LNG STS operations so is able to assist in cooling down of cargo assisting in re-entering service. As it is an operational port anchorage that also does lay-up so…
Lay-up of LNG & LPG Tankers
Lay-Up Passenger Ships
8 May 2020

Lay-Up Passenger Ships

Lay-up Passenger Ships Current Situation With the current covid situation globally we have seen virtually all passenger ship activity stop globally. The only valid exception to this has been ferry services on a local or international coastal service. Where it depends on the interstate or inter country quarantine requirements put up by the authorities as this crisis has developed. This has meant there is an unprecedented need to lay-up passenger ships. Where do passenger ships lay-up when not in service? That’s a good question. Currently the industry is in crisis and they find themselves with no prior experience, history or knowledge on how to manage this crisis. Currently the welcome mat has been removed and in some countries and places…
8 Jan 2017

Failure Modes in Hot Warm & Cold Layups

Overview I have been asked a few times what can fail in layup? Having been involved in layup since 2004 I decided to look into some of the common failures that can be expected during layup, for hot stacking, warm and  cold layup. It does not matter if you assets are located at a Singapore anchorage, Batam or in Labuan in the Bay of Brunei the following conditions could occur. Hot Layover & Warm Layup General issues are found as crew are unaware of basic preservation techniques and leave systems in an as is condition. This causes corrosion issues, seizure issues and well as reduction in overall reliability of the equipment. With warm layup issues are pretty much the same as…
Failure Modes in Hot Warm & Cold Layups

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